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BSF shoots 5 Pakistani intruders on the border, suspected to be drug smugglers



India News – Pakistan is constantly sending terrorists. Terrorist attacks are happening every day in India. BSF killed 5 infiltrators along the Pakistan border in Taran Taran, Punjab. On seeing the suspicious movement, the BSF tried to stop the intruders, but they fired. The intruder was killed in retaliation. He is suspected to be a terrorist or drug smuggler. The incident is at quarter to five in the morning,

Security forces killed a terrorist in Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir Army said that a terrorist was trying to enter the border. Surcha Balo trekked him, he was killed before he could harm anyone.

The bodies of five intruders recovered

The bodies of the five intruders killed in Punjab have been recovered. An AK-47 rifle and 2 pistols have been recovered from the spot. The encounter took place near Dhal Post in Taran Taran district. Senior officers of the BSF told that the jawans were patrolling as usual. During this time, some people were seen entering the Indian border from Pakistan near Sarhadi village of Dhal. After that, the soldiers were alerted.

Drug smuggling from Pakistan to Punjab

Senior officers have reached the spot from the BSF camp office in Ferozepur. Dhal area is 60 km from Taran Taran District Headquarters. There have been earlier attempts of infiltration and drug smuggling in this area. Smack was caught 4-5 months ago. Lahore is close from here.

Information from BSF Punjab

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