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British girls who survived shooting of family in 2012 to be re-interviewed

Two young British girls who survived the horrific shooting of their family in France eight years ago are to be re-interviewed in a bid to solve the mystery.

Zainab al Hilli was seven and her sister Zeena four when they witnessed the killing of their parents, their grandmother and a passing cyclist in the French Alps.

The killer has never been identified and several theories were explored but no motive was established for the bloodbath on a mountain road near the picturesque town of Annecy in September 2012.

Saad al Hilli, 50, his wife Iqbal, 47 and her mother Suhaila al Allaf, 74, all died in the attack in which a lone gunman fired 25 bullets into the family’s parked car.

Zainab, who is now 15 and Zeena, 12, were put into the care of other members of their family who are of Iraqi origin.

Annecy prosecutor Veronique Denizot said: “The British judicial authorities have given permission for the girls, the two Al-Hilli daughters, to be heard again.

“The older daughter was originally heard when she came out of hospital in Grenoble after the events, and she offered certain details, to the investigators, to the magistrates involved in this dossier.”

Zainab survived after being shot in the shoulder and beaten around…

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