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Bray Wyatt’s ‘Fiend’ Confronts Vince McMahon On WWE SmackDown

WrestleMania 37 awaits? OK, maybe not…

WWE opened the go-home episode of SmackDown before SummerSlam with a ‘Fiend-ish’ confrontation.


Bray Wyatt’s alter ego interrupted Vince McMahon’s proud in-ring welcome, and it seemed for a second that the company might have Wyatt clap a Mandible Claw hold onto the boss. That didn’t happen. Instead, Bray and McMahon stared one another down before Braun Strowman emerged to confront his Universal Title opponent.

Fans on Twitter opined that a Vince vs. Bray match would be interesting, but most noted that it’s unlikely the 74-year old McMahon will ever wrestle again. Maybe if this was 2010, not…

Jamie Kennedy

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