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Biden’s lie agenda – Biden had earlier said that Kashmir will be liberated from India, now it will be changed to save Kashmir from Pakistan

Trump vs Biden


USA NEWS – Biden in his first agenda had described Pakistan as more important than India. While Pakistan is a terrorist country. It is now said that they will support India by changing its agenda. Had said to give Kashmir to Pakistan, now Kashmir has the mind of India and said to take action on Pakistan. Biden only has to win the election. The Democrat Party issued a policy statement before the US presidential election in November. Joe Biden is its President and Kamala Harris is the Vice Presidential candidate.

The policy statement simply means – there are possible policies to be adopted after coming to power. The Democrat Party clearly stated that better relations with India will be given high priority. Terrorist activities occurring across the border in South Asia will not be tolerated.

Clearly stated – cross-border terrorism will not be tolerated

This statement mentions South Asia. Both India and Pakistan come to this region. The US had tightened its stand on Pakistan during the era of Barack Obama. Donald Trump extended it. Now the Democrat Party has also clarified the picture of Biden’s policies. Pointing towards Pakistan, it was clearly stated that cross-border terrorism will not be tolerated. India has told the world several times with evidence that Pakistan shelters terrorists, helps them.

China will also be tightened

First China was declared as a beneficial country of America and later gave a statement against it. China’s name is taken in this document. It said that the policy will be very clear to the Indian Ocean. Rules and regulations have to be followed. China will not threaten its neighbors. India and the United States will try to solve the big issues of the world.

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