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Biden lost a record number of black male votes to Trump, early poll data says

Trump has successfully skimmed off the number of black men voting for the Democratic presidential candidate in his reelection bid with Biden losing 2% of the group, according to data from NBC.

Support for the Democratic presidential candidate reached a new low among black men in the 2020 election as some were enticed to President Donald Trump and others were turned off Joe Biden by a serious of campaign gaffes.

Biden received a significantly lower percentage of the vote among black men than Barack Obama, according to exit poll data from NBC, but also managed to win a lower percentage of the demographic than Hillary Clinton.

The former Vice President received a lower number of votes from black women than both Obama and Clinton as well, although still won their support over Trump by a landslide.

The drop in black support for Biden was especially prominent in the Midwest and comes despite Trump receiving some backlash for his response to Black Lives Matter protests over the summer.

Trump managed to draw more black men away from the Democratic party in 2020 with early NBC poll data showing a drop in the numbers who voted for Biden compared to Clinton

According to NBC, black men have been veering away from the Democratic presidential candidate over at least the last four elections but Biden’s support featured a significant drop off from 2008.

In total 80 percent of black men voted for Biden, down from 82 percent for Clinton.

While the fall hasn’t been as severe over the past four years, it marks a significant plummet from the 95 percent of black men who voted for Obama in 2008.

However, Obama also lost a segment of the group in his reelection campaign, winning only 87 percent of black male voters in 2012.

Among black women, the decline in support for the Democratic candidate is not as severe.

Obama won 96 percent of the black female vote in 2008 and 2012 and it remained at 94 percent for Clinton.

Yet the early poll data from NBC suggests Biden’s support among black women was only 91 percent.

He still received the vote of more than nine out of ten black women.

Among the black men who voted for…

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