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Before President Trump, America witnessed the slowest ‘recovery’ in decades

“We inherited the worst, slowest economic recovery since, I don’t know, probably the Great Depression,” National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said today.


“In 2016 . . . the economy was teetering very close to recession,” he added. Then, President Trump’s “policies of low taxes, deregulation, unleashing energy, free- and fair-trade deals to improve exports for manufactures and farmers—those policies generated a tremendous boom.” Unemployment plummeted to 3.5 percent as a result.  


Now, the Great American Comeback from COVID-19 is already underway. Last week, President Trump shared six graphs that reveal the fastest recovery in history:

  1. Jobs Boom in Full Swing
  2. Manufacturing Boom in Full Swing
  3. Auto Market Showing Rapid Recovery
  4. Housing Market Quickly Rebounds
  5. U.S. Stocks Lead the World
  6. Shallowest Contraction

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