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Bangkok government opposed – thousands of people in Bangkok demanded resignation from government

Thousands protest in Bangkok demanding gov't resignation


Bangkok News – People have come out on the streets to protest against the Bangkok government. Citizens boycotted government policies. More than 10,000 protesters have gathered in Thailand’s capital Bangkok to demand the government’s resignation, changes in the constitution and the end of persecution of opposition activists. The protesters said Sunday’s protests would show widespread support for change in the South-East Asian country, which has held almost daily protests for the past month.

Thousands protest in Bangkok demanding gov't resignation

There is a dictatorial government here, there is no democracy

We are all different groups, all from different eras, “Kukkic, a 29-year-old postgraduate student who wanted to name just one, as opponents chant:” dictatorship, with long democracy. Along with calls for the departure of Prathuth Chan-okha, a former military government leader who won the disputed election last year, some groups have also called for curbing the powerful monarchy – once a taboo subject.

Bangkok demanding gov't resignation

Protesters gathered at Bangkok’s Democracy Memorial

The students came out for a few weeks, and I want to support them, “said 50-year-old Thanyarak Sukarsar,” I support his call for political change. Protesters gathered at Bangkok’s Democracy Memorial for one of the biggest demonstrations since Pruthuth came to power in the 2014 coup. Police said around 600 officers were deployed to keep order.

Thousands protest demanding new elections, government in Thailand ...

The King rallies the loyalists, several dozen royalists also held a demonstration, waving national flags and making gold paintings of King Maha Wazirlongkorn and other members of the royal family.

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