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Australia politics live: Scott Morrison calls Facebook ‘arrogant’ in post to his Facebook page | Australia news

I’d say to Facebook, please, sit down in good faith and continue the discussions with the government and with the news providers here in Australia, and we can get an outcome that works for all parties.

I think one of the things that has probably shocked many Australians is how they were dependent on Facebook for the news that they were receiving, and I think that that’s become very apparent to them overnight.

I think potentially what we saw overnight was them (Facebook) trying to use a negotiating tactic which I think backfired on them, and so I think that’s how I would describe it, as a pretty clumsy negotiating effort that I think has not worked.

Hopefully they’ve learned the lesson from that, and learned that constructive dialogue is the best way to proceed, and sitting down in good faith is the best way to achieve outcomes.

Countries across the world are watching these discussions and are watching these negotiations. So I think it’s really important for Facebook that they behave in a manner that people will see that they’re acting with respect.

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