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Australia politics live: prime minister’s office receives ‘confidential information’ on backgrounding | Australia news

We saw today, after two weeks of asking every single day for confirmation that what Brittany Higgins told the March 4 Justice outside, that the prime minister’s office had sought to undermine her loved ones, he stonewalled for two weeks. He refused to answer the question. Then today, guess what?

He announced another review. This is about his own office. Why doesn’t he just ask them? He’s the prime minister of Australia and he can’t ask his own chief of staff and his own office staff what is going on?

… This prime minister is an empathy vacuum. He wouldn’t attend the March 4 Justice. In the train wreck of an interview where someone from Sky dared to ask a question, he had the temerity to demand that women stand with him, rather than him standing with them.

This is a prime minister who has an ear of tin, a heart of stone and a wall of concrete to shield him from the concerns of his fellow Australians. He is an angry man who has mastered the rare art of clenching a glass jaw. That’s what this bloke has done.

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