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Now, I want Australia to show the world how resource manufacturing and heavy industries can work in a low emissions and indeed a net zero economy when it comes to emissions.

I call this the Frank Sinatra approach.

We’re going to do it our way in Australia, the Australian way. If we can do it in the Pilbara, if we can do it there, we can do it anywhere, as Frank used to sing about New York.

And this is the approach we have to take, Australia is going to lead the world in low emissions production in the resources sector.

And the very sector, the very sector, that many far from here might suggest, might suggest that is a reason why Australia, they would allege, is not making the commitments that are necessary.

Quite the reverse will be proof. In the resources sector, you will demonstrate, as you already are, how Australia will be successful in the new energy economy in adapting in new technologies, in new fuels, in new methods, in new partnerships, in new supply chains.

You will demonstrate, in fact, the resources sector, in my view, will be the pin-up industry in this country for how Australia will be not just making commitments as many will want to do, but importantly are meeting those commitments and beating those commitments. Australia has already reduced emissions by over 20% on 2005 levels.

Over 20%. That’s a fact. That is something that you have helped achieve.

And the commitments that we’ve made out to 2030, you will help us meet.

And more than help us meet it, I think you will showcase how Australia is beating them.

And so the very industry that many have sought to use to try and talk Australia down when it comes to these issues, is the very industry that will prove Australia is a leader when it comes to new energy, that Australia is a leader in job generation and job creation.

The Australian way, which says we can make these commitments and not forsake our heavy industries, not forsake our mining industries*. And most importantly, not forsake the people of regional Australia, who others would seek to have us ignore for the sake of pursuing those commitments. We believe both can be achieved and will be achieved, because I have great confidence in the skills and capacity of the resources sector to achieve that.

We want to produce amongst the cheapest green hydrogen** in the world by 2030 and 2050.

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