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Attack on Beachside Somalia Hotel Kills at Least 16

Somalia’s federal government is in a fragile position, as Parliament voted last month to oust Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire. Mr. Mohamed accepted the lawmakers’ decision and is expected to appoint a new prime minister soon.

The government is also engaged in a standoff with regional states after parliamentary and presidential elections were postponed. While the government cited security and logistical challenges, critics condemned the move, with opposition parties accusing the electoral commission of colluding with the current administration to extend its term.

Seeking to capitalize on the political instability, the Shabab have continued to carry deadly attacks. Last week, 19 guards and inmates at the central prison in Mogadishu were killed after Shabab militants, attempting to escape the prison managed to secure weapons and then engaged security forces in a shootout.

In July, the group carried out attacks on security forces in two of Somalia’s biggest cities. And in June, the Shabab, whose tactics have grown more sophisticated despite facing defections and airstrikes by the United States, attacked a major Turkish military base in Mogadishu.

In January, the extremist group also overran a Kenyan military base that housed United States troops, just days after it was suspected of conducting the attack that killed 82 people in Mogadishu — the country’s deadliest in years.

One frequent target for the Shabab has been establishments along Lido Beach.

Before the fall of President Mohammed Siad Barre in 1991 and the decades of civil war and bloodshed that have come to define Mogadishu, Lido Beach was a pleasure ground of clubs and cafes. With the longest coastline in mainland Africa, Somalia and its capital city were widely known as the “pearl of the Indian Ocean.”

To return to the beach in peace, for many in Somalia, signifies a return to a better life.

In a Twitter post on Monday morning, Mr. Nor, the hotel’s owner, condemned the attack and said he was resolute in continuing to invest in Somalia and create more jobs.

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