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Asteroid ‘taller than Nelson’s Column’ racing towards Earth’s orbit at 30,000mph

NASA has dubbed the asteroid 2020 TGI, thought to be travelling at 8.53 miles per second. It is expected to whizz by on Thursday, October 22 – and could be anywhere between 43m to 100m wide

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NASA is tracking a giant asteroid which could be almost double the size of Nelson’s Column in London – and it is set to enter with Earth’s orbit.

The Space Administration has dubbed the rock 2020 TGI, and it is expected to whizz by on Thursday, October 22.

It is classed as an Apollo asteroid, which is a space rock which crosses the orbit of the Earth as they pass through space.

Asteroid 2020 TGI is estimated to be travelling at a whopping speed of 8.53 miles per second, which is equivalent to 30,703 miles per hour.

The space rock is expected to pass our planet safely at a distance of 18.30 lunar units.

(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

In simple terms, that’s 7,027,201 miles away from Earth.

It will fly by at 10.49pm Eastern Standard Time, is 3.49am on October 23 in British Standard Time.

Asteroid 2020 TGI will be anywhere between 43m…

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