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Apple announce new Macs as they dump Intel processors

<p>Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced the first computers to feature the tech giant&#x27;s own M1 processors.</p>

In June this year, Apple announced a move away from Intel Processors on their Mac range of computers — opting instead to develop their own Apple Silicon processor.

Today, in an online event, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his executive team announced the first three products to feature the first Apple Silicon chip for Mac: the M1.

Apple Silicon has featured in iPhones and iPads for years, so this is not new ground for the company. Controlling the hardware and software ecosystem enhances efficiency and performance, so it’s a logical step for their flagship Mac-branded products.

Three new products were announced today: the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and the new Mac Mini.

Apple said the MacBook Air with M1 offers improved performance and better portability (Apple) (Supplied)

What is Apple Silicon?

We’ve all heard the jingle and phrase “Intel Inside” and we’ve seen the stickers on our computers. Under the hood of a huge share of PCs and all Mac Computers for years have been Intel Processors.

Apple has chosen to start making its own processors — the brains of your computer — to bring in-house the…

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