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Alibaba ranks among China’s largest companies on target of US nation’s husband Donald

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma and Trump


Washington News – After TicTock, WeChat, Alibaba now ranks among China’s biggest companies on the target of US President Donaldai. Trump said on Saturday that he could step up pressure against Alibaba, the tech world’s tech giant, now and more like Chinese companies.

Considering banning against Chinese companies

Earlier, Trump had given 90 days to the Chinese company Bytdance to sell Ticketock. Asked by journalists if they are considering a ban against Chinese companies like Alibaba,

To this, Trump said, “Yes, we are considering other things.” Earlier on Friday, Trump gave Chinese company BiteDance 90 days to sell the TickTock App business in the US.

Trump said in his executive order that there is world-wide evidence that I have to believe that BiteDance has taken a step that threatens US national security.

Last weekend Donalds Trump had banned dealing with the Chinese owners of TickTock and WeChat. He said that TickTalk and WeChat are a threat to America’s national security, foreign policy and economy.

It has not been clear yet what the order given regarding TickTalk means. There are 100 million users of this app in the US. ByteDance is in talks with Microsoft to buy TickTock’s business in the US.

 Not only this, American nation husband Donaldah Trump has set a deadline of September 15 to ban TickTock in the country in the event of not buying Microsoft or any other company. They have signed an executive order in this regard.

The US President had recently signed an order banning the Chinese app TicTalk and WeChat within 45 days.

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