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After the terrorist attack in Philippines, witnesses narrated all the story of the incident, Abu Sayyaf leader arrested

After the terrorist attack in Philippines, witnesses narrated all the story of the incident, Abu Sayyaf leader arrested


Philippines News – The terrorist attack on Monday shook the world, the world media named such a front story, what happened that day was not an accident but a terrorist device, one has been arrested on the basis of Sak . While experts say that it is the work of terrorist organization of Pakistan. It was noon that day. The first explosion from a bomb planted in Ekmotor Cycle Rockdall Jolo, Sulu Province. An hour later, a second explosion occurred at a distance of hundred meters, injuring many people in this blast. Death also happened.

Those who witnessed the incident told the truth, said – the explosion was terrible

According to information received by the World News Superfast, fifteen people – seven soldiers, six civilians, a policeman and a “suicide bomber” were killed and 75 injured in two explosions. Meat, bones were scattered on the streets, mostly with uniformed workers, ”said an owner of the pharmacy on Serrentes Street in Xolo. He preferred not to be named for security reasons. I think they military. There were Budzo vendors and children in that street. There were also food stall vendors, ”she said. We are really afraid.

Presidential spokesperson

President Duterte’s spokesman Harry Roque said in a statement

We mourn the families and loved ones of those killed in these tragic events. The newly established head of the Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom), Major General Corletto Vinluan Jr. – said that the mastermind of the two explosions was the same man who had fled to capture four army officers in Jolo before they fired a gun on him. Near the police station in Barangai Wald City in Jolo.

The bomb maker was described as Abu Sayyaf leader

According to information received by the World News Superfast, all the soldiers of the 9th Intelligence Service Unit of the 11th Infantry Division of the Army were going after the bomb makers and two suicide bombers when they were shot dead. He was a major. Marvin Indramog, capt. Irwin Managuel, C.P.L. Abdul Asula and Sergeant. Jaime Velasco. “His target was a suicide bomber, as well as Mundi Savdajan,” said Vinluan. He described the bomb maker as Abu Sayyaf leader. Abu Sayyaf leader arrested

The pharmacy owner described the first explosion as shaking Barangay Wald City

Villumann said Westminkom lost track of Savadjan and his group after an army intelligence man was killed. Had Sajjadan and two attackers been captured, the two blasts on Monday might not have happened, he said. It was a deafening sound, “The owner of the pharmacy described the first explosion as it shook Barangay Wald City. We immediately closed our shop. On reaching home, the ground was shaken. Another explosion occurred, just near the first one, “He said. The first bombing occurred at 11:54 am near Paradise Food Shop, a restaurant and grocery store.

Female suicide was used for bombings

According to information received by the World News Superfast, the police found an almost chartered motorbike, which was allegedly rigged with an improvised bomb. Close to it and the restaurant was the KM450 military truck. Lt. Col. Ronaldo Mateo, spokesman for the 11th Infantry Division – said – other police and soldiers were roaming the streets, while some of them were buying operational consumption.

An hour later at 12:57 pm, the second bomb exploded in a branch of the Development Bank of the Philippines, locally known as the GoTeklong Building. Mateo said six soldiers died from the first explosion and another from the second. One of the soldiers standing near the Goteklenag building was about to inspect the woman, whose clothes appeared torn when the second explosion occurred. The woman, when she suddenly left, killed him. Six nearby police personnel were injured.

Cremation may be responsible for explosions

Members of an overall team of soldiers were on security patrols in the area that morning. He was of the 21st Infantry Battalion, 35th Infantry Battalion, 12th Cavalry, 9th Field Artillery Battalion and 15th CMO Battalion. According to Vinluan, Shavadzan could be responsible for the blasts because he is “the only person capable of carrying out such attacks. The Abu Sayyaf leader said, last year’s suicide bombings at Jolo Cathedral and a camp of the 1st Brigade Combat Team But was also behind the attack.

There was a bomb blast in January last year

According to information received by the World News Superfast, the Monday blast was targeted just a few meters from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, which was blown up in January last year, killing 23 people and injuring 102. Had gone. Among these fatalists were two Indonesians who claimed to have been suicide bombers. Vinluan said that his intelligence officers were in May after Sowadzan, a strong stronghold of Abu Sayyaf, a terrorist group that has aligned with the Islamic State.

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