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Accusing the breach of the Naimo, the US has taken hostage four Iran oil vessels

UK says ship seized by Iran was in Omani waters | UK ...


USA NEWS – The US said it had seized four Iranian fuel shipments that were bound for Venezuela, disrupting an important supply line for Tehran and Caracas, as they rejected US sanctions.

US President Donald Trump said Iran should not ship cargo to Venezuela and said the seized shipments were bound for Houston, Texas, and suggested that they may have arrived already.

Was about 1.116 million barrels of fuel

They are going to Houston. And, they are there, “Trump told a White House news conference. We’re relocating them, and gone, to Houston. The US Department of Justice said they were seized.

The consignment was now in US custody “with the assistance of foreign allies,” adding that the amount seized from the four tankers contained approximately 1.116 million barrels of fuel, making it the largest US seizure of Iranian fuel.

UK says ship seized by Iran was in Omani waters | UK ...

No military force was used in the seizure

The US State Department credited its outgoing Special Envoy to Iran for the seizure operation. Neither the Department of Justice nor the State Department specifies when, where or how the seizure occurred.

A senior US official said that the Associated Press news agency did not use any military force in the seizures and that the ships were not physically seized.

Rather, US officials threatened shipowners, insurers and captains with restrictions to force them to hand over their cargo, which had now become their property.

Iran said – Oil ships do not send to America, they will disappear. Iran’s ambassador to Venezuela said that Iranian tankers were seized by the United States in yet another “lie and psychological war”.

Prosecutors alleged that the four ships were carrying 1.1 million barrels of gasoline in Venezuela. But the tankers never arrived in the South American country and then went missing. The two ships later re-approached near Cape Verde, a second US official said.

The two officials agreed to discuss the unnamed diplomatic and judicial offensive if only anonymity was granted.

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