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A Chinese spy was arrested in Delhi, asking the address of the Dalai Lama



India News – China is now sending intelligence spies to India. Delhi Polish found a spy There have been new revelations on Luo Song, a Chinese citizen arrested on 11 August in Delhi. Peng, who lived in Majnu’s mound area by the fake name of Charlie Peng, was getting information about the Dalai Lama by paying money to Tibetan Lamas. 

Song was arrested by the Income Tax Department on charges of money laundering. According to Delhi Police- Song was also arrested in September 2018. He was then accused of espionage. He is currently out on bail in this case.

Chinese citizen arrested in Delhi was spying on Dalai Lama

Put a fake name – Charlie Peng

Luo Song hid the real name and kept a fake name – Charlie Peng. According to sources, Song gave two to three lakh rupees in cash to many people living in Majnu Ka Tila. Police is now locating these people. Peng was arrested in September 2018 in a espionage case. Later got bail.

Entered India via Nepal

Investigation has revealed that Luo Song entered India via Nepal in 2014. Married to girl in Mizoram. Then got a fake passport made. Aadhaar and PAN card were also made by changed name. The income tax department told the investigating agencies that the bribe or money to be given to Tibetan monks was sent by Song through his own people. Song and his colleagues chatted on the Chinese app Wee Chat.

Nepal makes infiltration in India

Nepal makes illegal infiltration into India for years. Many terrorists have entered the Nepal route. Nepal misuses India’s visa policy. Varna may soon put a ban on Nepal, a major terrorist incident.

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