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7 days of opposition to the government of Belarus

Belarus Protests Eclipse Rally in Defense of Defiant Leader


Belarus News – The people of Belarus are opposing the government made by fake elections, now the government is going to impose a ban against the protest. Six days have passed since the government’s protest, the movement is still on.

The European Union is preparing sanctions against officials in Belarus, who are responsible for the deadly post-election on protesters, the European Union’s head of foreign affairs Josep Borel has said.

27 European Union foreign ministers gave the green light during a video conference in Brussels on Friday, while protests across Belarus on the controversial August 9 election continued for the sixth day.

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde said after the emergency talks, “The European Union will now begin a process of sanctions against those responsible for violence, arrest and fraud in relation to elections.

Protesters pack Belarus capital after Russia says military

Those to be accepted include those responsible for police violence and election fraud. 65-year-old President Alexander Lukashenko claimed a stunning victory for the sixth term, but now faces the biggest challenge to his 26-year rule.

Her 37-year-old rival Svetlana Tikankovskaya, who is currently in exile in neighboring Lithuania, has called for intense protests and a withdrawal of votes over the weekend.

At least two protesters were killed and about 6,700 people arrested this week. Angry protesters, some of whom accused the police of torture while in custody, claimed that the ballot was rigged.

Heavy opposition continues

Lukashenko denies electoral fraud. Several jailed protesters were freed on Friday after their government issued a rare public apology.

However, civilians were again taken to the streets in the capital, Minsk and other cities on Friday, to condemn the long-running controversial re-election claim for mass weekend rallies with Tikankovskaya.

Police Cordon Off Squares Next to Minsk

We have to stop the violence on the streets of Belarusian cities. I call on the authorities to stop this and come to the negotiating table,” Tikanovskaya said in a video address.

I ask the mayors of all cities to hold peaceful public meetings in every city on August 15 and 16.”

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