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58% of American voters think the Senate should not fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court vacancy unti

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg opened up a vacancy on the Supreme Court that President Trump said he will fill as quickly as…

The vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg has completely divided Americans and made intense polarization ahead of the 2020 election even more severe.


Insider conduced a national survey with 1,017 respondents following the announcement Friday that Ginsburg had died, asking the course of action Americans preferred for filling her seat.

A plurality of respondents — 45% of registered voters — said that the president elected in November should fill the seat.

Another 13% said the seat should not be filled until after the election.

Only 28% of registered voter respondents said Trump should fill the vacancy before the election.

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A new survey conducted by Insider on SurveyMonkey Audience found that the Supreme Court vacancy caused by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has escalated the stakes of the 2020 election, and that most respondents disagree with President Trump’s plan to fill the seat as soon as possible.

The majority of respondents to the survey said the seat should not be filled until after the election, and a plurality said the seat should be filled by the president elected on November 3.

The poll was of 1,017 United States adults, of whom 850 said they are registered to vote and 88%, or 881 respondents, who said they are likely to do so.

Respondents were asked, “When should the United States Senate vote to confirm a new Justice to the Supreme Court to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg?” Among the registered voters:

45% said, “Whoever wins the election should appoint the next Justice and the Senate should not vote until the election is decided.”

28% said, “As soon as possible, before the 2020 election.”

13% said, “After the 2020 election but before the next inauguration, regardless if President Trump wins or loses.”

14% said, “I don’t know.”

Among all respondents, 27% said a replacement should be voted upon before the election, 14% said the Trump nominee should get a vote after the election, 42% said that the winner of the 2020 election should appoint the next Justice, and 17% did not know.

Undecided voters are, lo and behold, even more uncertain about the best course of action. Among voters who indicated they were registered to vote and had…

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