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200 Popular Grocery Store Brands Just Made This Major Pledge

When it comes to food waste, we can all do a better job of finishing the groceries we buy, especially fresh produce. However, food manufacturers are also big…

contributors to the problem, which is why almost 200 brands made a pledge to cut their food waste in half in the next decade. (Check out 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply Again.)

The food makers to join the 10x20x30 initiative, which The Washington Post describes as “a global effort to slash the staggering amount of food that is discarded every year,” will now be working alongside some of the largest food retailers in the world in a joint effort to make a difference.

Ten major retailers, which include Walmart, Kroger, and the parent of Giant foods, all joined the campaign last year. The ten were then expected to rally 20 of their suppliers to sign onto the initiative in the hopes of halving the world’s food waste by 2030, a goal that was initially set at the 2015 United Nations General Assembly.

“Food loss and waste is a massive global challenge. While addressing this challenge is a priority for us, 10x20x30 is built on the fact that no one company can address this challenge alone,” Laura Phillips, senior vice president of sustainability at Walmart, said in a…

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